#PotterPeeps: Is Severus Snape a Hero?


Spoiler alert: Snape was not what he seemed, but does that mean he was a hero? Lydia, Margaux, and Hadas talk about the Half-Blood Prince himself and try to make sense of what label to give the Potions Master.

Harry Potter Lily Evans Albus Dumbledore Slytherin

What do you think about Severus Snape?

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  • While James doesn’t fully redeem himself he does at least save Snape in their 6th year.

  • Ok. I vote NO. But mostly because I’m against the idea of “heroes”. I think people can be “heroic” and have a heroic trait, but it’s impossible to be a hero all the time. The beauty of JK’s writing is that all her characters have flaws. I wouldn’t say that Snape is a hero, but I would say that he is heroic by the time his character arch concludes.

    • Beautifully stated!

    • I get this and I agree to a degree BUT what about intentions. Did he intend to do what he did for the betterment of the Wizarding World or to quiet his guilt? Shouldn’t this play a role in heroic behavior or labeling?

      • Getting deep… Is heroism about perception or intention????

      • I’m going to argue that it is about perception. Your motive might be selfish, but it’s not the person/people on the receiving end of your action.