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Slytherin is often looked at as being the house of evil wizards, and no matter what, everyone in Slytherin apparently turns evil. Well, Rowling has often said this isn’t the case though she doesn’t really illustrate that much throughout the series, except for some actions eventually taken by Severus Snape.

Slytherin Harry Potter

What many people don’t realize is that the Slytherin ideal isn’t just evil witches and wizards who are focused on blood purity; we are significantly more and don’t agree with our more notorious house members. We’re cunning, use our power of observation to help not only ourselves as many think, but also to help those we care about.

Slytherin Harry Potter

Why I’m a Slytherin

I’m not sure when I first realized I was a Slytherin, but I do know that I was very aware that the Sorting Hat’s description was pretty spot on. The specific Harry Potter stories have been twisted significantly to show how evil Slytherins are, and like I said, Rowling didn’t really show us in the best light.

But, she has said several times that, while the books don’t show Slytherins in a good light, that Slytherins can be and are good. People just tend to misunderstand us. Remember, Merlin is in our house, too!

The one thing I realized whilst reading is that many Slytherins have similar characteristics to my personality type – INTJ. I am quite a proud person and am proud of who I am and what I do. I often come across as very arrogant, and possibly very mean, to many people.

Hufflepuff Sorcerer's Stone Hagrid

And here comes some of that arrogance: I am also incredibly cunning, and I’ve used that cunning nature to my advantage, as well as to help others who I trust and are in my close group of friends. I’m also very ambitious, and quite resourceful and find myself able to adapt to situations that require me to do something I’m not usually used to.

I love being part of Slytherin, with all those cunning individuals. I am also pretty happy with our house colors – green and silver. Those are my top two favorite colors, and not just because of Harry Potter, promise! (Heck, those are my portrait’s colors here at Common Room!)

book movie adaptations

I don’t know too many Slytherins, funnily enough, and my best friend and husband are both Ravenclaws, (but Slytherin is the best).

Pottermore Was Insanely Stressful – But I Survived

When Pottermore first released its beta version, I was one of the lucky few who got in to try it. And let me tell you, it was absolutely exciting to be on the beta version, but then it was suddenly stressful.

Harry Potter

I realized that this would be the moment; the moment where I learned if I truly was Slytherin or if I would be sorted into another house. Like any good Slytherin, I definitely feared that I’d be sorted into Gryffindor, but knew I could at least survive in Ravenclaw. And I knew that whatever I got would be “official” since it came from a test JK Rowling had a hand in making.

As I answered the random questions, I started to feel illogically nervous. The logical side of my brain was saying, “This is just a fantasy story, just fiction, make believe” but I knew that I’d feel pretty upset if I got sorted somewhere else. Thankfully, at the end of the test, the message popped up informing me that I was, indeed, a Slytherin.

Harry Potter Slytherin PotterWeek

Once the site was open for more people and I could set up another account, I did, because, well, I like to double-check things. So I retook the test with the same feeling of apprehension. However, I once again got Slytherin, and all was well.

I am really glad to be part of the Potter Universe, and to be part of a house that does churn out some impressive wizards. Maybe one day, JK will write some more Wizarding World books and focus on the good Slytherins. Those of us who do work for the good of our fellow magic-kind and who don’t look down on Muggles as something to be pitied.

In fact, I don’t care what house you’ve been sorted into, as long as you aren’t an annoying prat who I wouldn’t think twice about jinxing in the hallways between classes.


JK Rowling Harry Potter Lions knapsack

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  • Proud Slytherin here as well. I’m an INFJ so pretty close on that as well. I had a bit of a hard time accepting at first, but now have full #slytherinpride- I think it’s a misunderstood house based on the charcters focused on in the book and that its all from Harry’s perspective.

    • #SlytherinPrideForever I’m glad you’re proud of our house now! It really is a great one. I would love to see a story or two about a Slytherin that isn’t from the perspective of Harry.

      • Maybe we will see some Slytherins in Fantastic Beasts!

        We do have Merlin though. Mic drop.

      • EXACTLY.

  • I’m curious to know what house I belong in.. I have no clue! It would be great to get stories of the other wizards in Slytherin aside from the ‘evil’ ones.. I want to learn more about the good ones who are just maybe too quiet and misunderstood! ;)

    • Create an account on Pottermore.com! It’s free and the official site – JK Rowling wrote the sorting quiz herself so it’s pretty much the final word on your house!

      • Awesome! Thanks!

      • Be sure to let us know what you get!

      • Yes, please let us know what house you are sorted in!

      • What house are youuuuuuuuu? Have you taken the test?

      • Ok, so I took the test twice because I needed to be absolutely sure… I got the same house both times. It.. was…


        I actually wasn’t expecting it! For some reason, I always thought I would be Ravenclaw.. but the test (er, Sorting Hat) says otherwise! *I’m one of youuu* :D

      • Congrats!

      • I thought I was Ravenclaw too, lol! Welcome – Lydia and I are thrilled to have another snake amongst us!

      • THAT’S SO EXCITING. Welcome to Slytherin!