Announcing POTTERWEEK!

SONORUS On this 7th day of the 7th month, we are announcing Potterweek! Potterweek is a link up for the cleverest witches and wizards on the web. During Potterweek, we’re going to celebrate, speculate, and dedicate some time to all things Harry Potter!

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While our name is Common Room, we aren’t a Harry Potter site and podcast. However, most of us have a deep love for the series and some of us even met through an HP community. So…

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It is only fitting that we celebrate JK Rowling (and HP’s) birthday accordingly! Last year we did a photo challenge* for the entire month of July. This year we are making it a weeklong web event. Blog, Vlog, Podcast, or use social media to join in!

Harry Potter JK Rowling potterweek Harry Potter JK Rowling potterweek

When Potterweek is Happening:

Here’s what you can write about, vlog about, podcast about, or share thoughts about in any way you’d like on each day of Potterweek:

25- PotterVerse (origins, meanings, anything language based)
26- PotterPeeps (characters)
27- PotterPonderings (crackpot theories, symbolism, literary analysis)
28- PotterHouse (Pottermore vs your own prediction)
29- PotterParks (experiences, wishlist, more)
30- PotterPowers (spells, charms, races)
31- PotterPotpourri (any posts that don’t fit the other topics.)

How Potterweek Works
  • Create some content based on the prompts! (Just like Sci Fi Month or Fandom Five!)
  • Use any of the graphics** on this post! The last one is a PNG!
  • Link back to us!
  • Use the hashtag everywhere to keep the convo going!
  • Tag us @comromco on social media so we can promote your Potterposts! We can’t wait to see ’em!

harry potter jk rowling potterweek

QUIETUS Mischief Managed.

*You can look up hashtag #commonroombday on Instagram, Twitter, and Tumblr. We had so much fun coming up with presents to get our favorite and least favorite characters from Harry Potter.

** Thanks to our Dahhhhling friend Stewie for making most of the graphics for us. :)


  • This sounds like SUCH a fun activity!!!!! I think everyone will want to join in!

    • You’re the best around… NOTHING’S GONNA EVER KEEP YA DOWN!

  • Oooh yay! I re-read HP every summer anyway so I’m sure I’ll be in a very Potter mood by the time that week rolls around. Can’t wait!

    • So excited to see what you come up with Sierra!

      • Anna Gailey

        The day after it ends I have a HP themed 5k! Wooot! It’ll be fun to make it a whole Potter themed week.

  • Omg this is such a fun idea!!

    • Meant to send you an email about it. I know you’ll come up with awesome posts! Hope you can join in, Katya :)

  • THis is cool! <3


  • KatyRochelle

    Sounds like an awesome event! I’ll definitely be taking part! :)

    • Thanks Katy! Are you Pottertalks too? I never heard about it and now I’m way too excited to check it out!

      • KatyRochelle

        Yes, I’m on PotterTalk too. Hope you check it out! :)

  • Can’t wait to see what ya do, sista! :)

  • Anna Gailey

    I’m IN!!! This will be so much fun. Gonna start working on it!

    • With that photo, I AM SURE we’ll see great things from you :) (#LionPride!)

      • Anna Gailey

        The day after it ends I have a HP themed 5k! Wooot! It’ll be fun to make it a whole Potter themed week.