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The Harry Potter universe is filled with great wizards, some on the wrong side of the fight and others on the right side. Some of these characters might seem like they are either bad or good, but sometimes they do something that makes you question their motives or standing. When it comes to a least favorite character from the HP world, there is one who really stands out to me, and he is on the good side of things: Albus Dumbledore.

Yes, that’s right. I know he is the favorite of many people, loved by so many, but he is one of my least favorite characters from the Harry Potter world. Sure, he is very wise, very smart, and observant (which are all traits I respect in people), but that doesn’t mean that he is necessarily good.

Harry Potter Dumbledore

Since he is on the side that is fighting Voldemort and helping Harry, many people consider him to be a great hero and one of the top characters in the Wizarding World. But, Dumbledore always bugged me, right from the beginning.

Why don’t I like Mr. Albus? Allow me to explain:

I completely understand why he kept things from Harry when Harry was 11/12 and new to the Wizarding World. However, when Voldemort comes back in book four, I fully believe that Dumbledore should’ve sat Harry down and said, this is what’s happening and why.

When they start to learn about the horcruxes, I got annoyed that Dumbledore was treating things as if it were a class, and not giving Harry much information. (But, that wouldn’t have made for an interesting story now would it?) I do love The Half-Blood Prince for many other reasons (it’s my favorite in the series), but I really hate how Dumbledore handled everything, leaving Harry in a bad place after Dumbledore’s death.

Dumbledore also had ample time to give Harry more information about Snape, maybe not that he was truly on their side, but some info to help Harry out. Obviously, not all of it, but maybe talk about all the times Snape saved Harry when Harry didn’t realize it. Or how Snape had worked with the Order previously and helped Dumbledore with several things to stop Voldemort.

I also became re-annoyed with how he handles his cursed hand with Harry. This would’ve been a perfect time to show Harry just how dark the Dark Magic that protected horcruxes was, and also to let Harry know that he was dying. Yes, that is hard to hear from anyone, but I feel it is pretty important, especially when you are on a mission to stop and kill the Dark Lord.

JK Rowling Deathly Hallows Horcruxes

I always felt for Snape, too, when he had to kill Dumbledore, and was one of the few who kept saying there was more to Dumbledore’s death than we knew. Which was proven true in The Deathly Hallows.

I’ve often heard people talk about, “But Snape had such a look of hatred and disgust on his face when he killed Dumbledore” but I feel most of us would’ve felt the same or similar emotions if we were told we had to kill the person who believed in us. Imagine that, the person who believed Snape, who truly trusted him, and not only believed him but believed in him told him to kill them.

It was to help protect a young wizard, and one that is my favorite character – Draco. But, it is still a harsh thing to make someone do.

Dumbledore is a great wizard and did do a lot for the Wizarding community. However, I often feel similar to Aberforth when he is talking about his brother to Harry. I often find Dumbledore frustrating and want to slap him. I mean, who leaves a huge task like destroying horcruxes to three teenagers? Especially when they will be encountering magic they never even considered existed?

I did get teary eyed when Dumbledore died, and how Harry handled his funeral, so hopefully that is a redeeming quality for me?

Harry Potter Dumbledore

Who is your least favorite Potter Peep? Am I the only person out there who doesn’t really like the only wizard Voldemort was afraid of?

Harry Potter JK Rowling Gryffindor

Is Hermione Granger your favorite character or like Lydia, is she one you can’t stand despite everyone’s praise? She’s a pretty impressive lady even if she can be a bit annoying.

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  • I don’t dislike Dumbledore, but I completely agree with your points. He made a lot of mistakes over the course of the series. He had good intentions, but that doesn’t count for much when those good intentions really mess things up in other peoples’ lives.

  • Anna Gailey

    Dumbledore is a difficult character to like. In the first read you understand him, but the more you read him the more you think he just needs to sit Harry down and tell him what is going on.

    • He is always full of excellent wisdom, but he really doesn’t have much wisdom when it comes to telling Harry what he needs to know or giving him adequate help. So strange.