Indie-National Playlist

In our 2nd #IntWomensMonth playlist, we’re picking some more Indie artists. Larissa and I went through our favorite international artists and added some more we recently discovered.

intwomensmonth playlist music

Our first playlist was all about dancing. While there are definitely some songs you can dance to in the Indie-National playlist, it’s a little lighter. Hipshakers was mostly Middle-Eastern and Mediterranean, Indie-National is more Euro-centric. Many songs are in English, but some are in French, German, Danish, and more.

You’ll definitely recognize some artists like Bjork, First Aid Kit, Lorde, Lykke LiRobyn, and more. I shared a few tidbits about some of the other featured artists on this playlist you may not have heard of. See that and who recommended them below the embedded playlist.

Enjoy what we call the Indie-National playlist!

Any songs not in our playlist that you want to share?
Tell us about them in the comments!

Get to know some of the featured artists:

Agnes Obel– Danish. Featured on Larissa’s posts twice (PotW and Chill Out Playlist) and recommended by a fellow Dane, our bud, Rosa.

intwomensmonth indie-national playlist

Carla Bruni-Sarkozy– Born in Italy and raised in France. She used to be the first lady of France. Recommended by our friend Kim from Pop Couture!

intwomensmonth indie-national playlist

Yael Naim– Born in France to Tunisian parents and raised in Israel. You may know this song for the famous Apple commercial for the MacBook Air.

intwomensmonth indie-national playlist

Broods– New Zealand. They are a brother and sister duo (I just figured that out now). The song I picked here, Coattails, is one of my favorite songs in the last few years. It makes me feel so light and happy.

intwomensmonth indie-national playlist

Fallulah– Danish. She used to be a Balkanic Folk dancer! Too cool.

intwomensmonth indie-national playlist

See more of Larissa’s music picks in her former columns Pick of the Week and Monthly Mixtape. She now shares her favorite picks at the end of each month under the Music of the Month category.

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  • This is awesome! I can’t wait to check it out!

    • Me too. Since Larissa and I did this together there are a bunch of new songs I get to find!!

  • Always forever in love with Agnes Obel *Heart Eyes*

    Yael Naim is also pretty awesome, back at the beginning of the century (2000) she even starred in a musical here in France called “Les 10 Commandements” and she was brilliant! She sings a song called “L.I.B.R.E”, and if you want to be happy listen to it and the whole album too.

    As for Carla, Not a fan. There’s like 2 songs that I like, and one became a huge national joke (“Quelqu’un qui m’a dit”, everytime someone says it here, there’s always one person that goes “que tu m’aimais encore” ahahah)

    I know the two others by name but never check them out, can’t wait to listen to them!