How to Survive the Hunger Games with Food, Fitness, + Fashion


We were inspired by our discussions on the Rise of the Dystopian (political and environmental) to try a Dystopian themed F3 episode. The theme was basically How to Survive the Hunger Games with food, fitness, and fashion!

How to Survive the Hunger Games Hunger Games Inspired Meal

How to Survive the Hunger Games with Food:

Katniss Everdeen ate some pretty good meals at the Capitol, so we made a few Hunger Games Inspired Meals for this episode’s Customizable Cooking. Listen as Estee teaches Hadas what shortbread cookies are and find out which dish Lindsey’s husband said is one of her best ever meals.

dystopian survival workout career tributes hunger games How to Survive the Hunger Games

How to Survive the Hunger Games with Fitness:

We want to be prepared in case the Hunger Games start soon. We would not survive, but now that we got our themed workouts we are going to…last a little while longer. Hey, not everyone can Katniss it up! Thanks to Blogilates and Neila Rey we might just stand a chance to get some sponsors with our Dystopian Survival Workout.

what would katniss wear capitol couture hunger games fashion How to Survive the Hunger Games

How to Survive the Hunger Games with Fashion:

What Would Katniss Wear? We created our own Panem and Capitol-inspired outfits using Polyvore, discuss the pros and cons of flat shoes and high heels, and analyze a few complicated pieces of clothing. How DO you wear that Effie Trinket-esque bra?


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