What We’re Watching! Fall TV Schedule

I hate summer, sue me. Fall is coming quickly and QUALITY TV IS BACK! Autumn leaves, normal temperatures, and regularly scheduled programming!

I polled the team and here is what we’re most excited about! Shows with a * near them mean we will be live tweeting them on @commonroomlive! Join us!


1. SUPERGIRL– Monday at 8PM Eastern on CBS (10/26)
supergirl cbs promo michelle benoist fall tv must watch

2. HEROES REBORN*- Thursday at 8PM Eastern on NBC (9/24)
Heroes Reborn NBC Promo zachary levi


1. DOCTOR WHO– Saturdays at 9PM on BBC America (9/19)
maisie-williams-game-of-thrones-game-of-thrones 2015 peter capaldi

2. HOW TO GET AWAY WITH MURDER– Thursdays at 10PM on ABC (9/24)
htgawm promo how to get away with murder viola davis

3. SUPERNATURAL*- Wednesdays at 9PM on The CW (10/7)
supernatural dean winchester brothers cw

4. NASHVILLE– Wednesdays at 10PM on ABC (9/23)
ONCE UPON A TIME*- Sundays at 8PM on ABC (9/27)
THE LEFTOVERS*- Sundays at 9PM on HBO (10/4)
IZOMBIE– Tuesdays at 9PM on The CW (10/6)
THE BLACKLIST– Thursdays at 9PM on NBC (10/1)
MODERN FAMILY– Wednesdays at 9PM on ABC (9/23)
GOTHAM* (not pictured)- Mondays at 8PM on FOX (9/21)
the blacklist modern family once upon a time


STAY TUNED: Margaux is a TV connoisseur and has 10 more picks: Blindspot, Minority Report, Continuum, Agents of Shield, Last Man of Earth, Quantico, American Horror Story, Fargo, Please Like Me, and Brooklyn Nine Nine. A post about these and some international selections will be up early in September!


  • Katie S.

    I’m SO excited for fall TV to come back! Supergirl looks really good. I’m looking forward to all my DC shows, Arrow and The Flash especially, plus they have the new spinoff of those two coming. So many comic book shows! And a Sleepy Hollow. And New Girl. And The Walking Dead. Bring on the fall!

    • Ooh good picks Katie! I hear amazing things about both Arrow and The Flash but I haven’t tried them yet! I don’t think I watch ONE superhero show, maybe the movies are fulfilling that need for me, but Supergirl seems intriguing.
      I love New Girl, but am SO behind. Should I catch up? Was it a hilarious season last year?

      • Katie S.

        New Girl wasn’t as strong as it has been but it was definitely worth catching up on! I felt like they did the Nick/Jess thing too soon and it kind of slowed things down a bit but I just love all the characters on that show so much!