Star Wars Rewatch: Ep II: Attack of the Clones


Ahhh, true love and epic lightsaber fights, right? /groan. Here is our second rewatch episode all about Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones!
Star Wars Lightsabers Yoda Obi Wan Kenobi

We announced on May the 4th that we’d be doing a Star Wars rewatch just in time for the release of The Force Awakens! Our intro music on this episode is by Whiteveil Harpist. Check her out on her site and below on YouTube! Thanks Rosa for letting us use it!

INTROS & GENERAL FEELINGS: Is AoTC the worst Star Wars film? Is it worse than Phantom Menace? Does the romance RUIN EVERYTHING!?

STRONG FEMALE CHARACTERS (00:12:46): What is a Strong Female Character? We discuss the difference between tough girls and strongly written vulnerable or romantic roles. Is the romance unearned or unworthy of Amidala?

skywalker Star Wars Attack of the Clones

EVOLUTION OF THE LIGHTSABER BATTLE (00:35:37): In every Star Wars film the grand finale includes an iconic human v human lasersword battle. Do you love or hate Yoda v Count Dooku?
+ Lore confusion. Who made the clones? What does Dooku have to do with everything? We’re not promising answers here :)

ACTING/WRITING SCORES (00:51:55): We give the prequels a hard time and it usually comes down to acting vs writing. We try to grade the films on each aspect.
FAVORITE QUOTE IMPRESSIONS (00:58:00): Kermit makes a special appearance.

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The Force Awakens

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