Star Wars Rewatch!


Star Wars Episode VII is coming out at the end of the year and we want to prepare accordingly so we’re doing a rewatch of each film and releasing the podcast episodes on the first of each month starting in June!
Click play to hear a teaser of eps 1 and 2 of the rewatch and stay tuned for Star Wars related posts every month leading up to The Force Awakens.


In addition to the Common Roomies we have three friends joining us:

Dave, at Pop Culture Case Study and @pccasestudy

Pop Culture Case Study

Fitz, at,, and @buckeyefitzy

bigtenOT HealerTrek

and Pat, at… nowhere on the interwebs, but he encourages you to check out his wife Lindsey’s section, BodySpiritBrain!

BodySpiritBrain Lindsey

So check out the teaser and drop us a line if you want to hear something specific on future Star Wars Rewatch episodes!

Shout out to our friend Tim who created these great Star Wars themed caricatures!