New Section: BodySpiritBrain

Hi Common Room readers!

My contribution to Common Room is to share health and fitness experience, trials, and errors. 

My main outlet for staying healthy comes from running and training for races, but my goal is to become a little more of a yogi and include more strength training into my routine. I have a passion for cooking so I am constantly modifying and trying new recipes. It is important to work towards a healthy lifestyle in all facets of life. I always say running and physical exertion of any type helps me maintain a healthy BodySpiritBrain. fitnessBody is obvious, since I am staying active and working at staying physically healthy. While experiencing any sort of imbalance emotionally, both negative and positive, running centers whatever is causing my Brain to be “off.” As for Spirit…..well exercising and running in particular requires disciplined focus and training to be effective. Running allows me countless hours of peace and solitude and acts as more accessible form of meditation (cooking does this for me as well).


Ilindsey_circle just completed my 8th half marathon and will be training for my 3rd full marathon (DISNEY!!!) so my first post will be dedicated to the racing or running newbie. I hope it provides some insight to someone who would like to run a race or simply wants to start running. Whichever it is…just know that you are a magical unicorn mermaid/merman and you can do anything!


First post will be available this month.
Can’t wait to hear from you in the comments!