Finding Molly Review

We’ve featured EMET Comics before on Common Room and have talked to some of the creators of their comics. I was such a huge fan of Helena Rose, and was so excited when the lovely folks at EMET Comics were kind enough to send us issues 1-3 of Finding Molly.

I’ve been reading Finding Molly as a webcomic on their Facebook page, but had missed some parts of the story so I was eager to read the entire issue to fill in the gaps.

Finding Molly Emet Comics

The blurb on EMET’s website begins with “Finding Molly is the story of recent art school grad MOLLY, currently living at home with her parents, and trying to resurrect her dreams of becoming a true artist.” We follow Molly as she starts her own web-comic, takes cat sitting jobs to earn some money, and eventually moves out of her parents’ house, all the while trying to figure out who she is as a person and as an artist.

I loved Finding Molly because it was so relatable. I didn’t graduate from art school and move to LA, but I did graduate from film school and move to NYC. I’ve struggled and continue to struggle with my artistic motivation just like Molly does.

So much of Molly’s story hit very close to home, so seeing her work through her internal roadblocks was incredibly inspirational. Many of her problems were incredibly relatable* and as Molly overcame small obstacles, I was cheering her on.

*One problem that wasn’t relatable was the horrible blind date her parents set up for her.

Emet Comics Finding Molly cat wake up

Another thing about Finding Molly that is important to mention is how diverse the characters are. Molly’s parents are Mexican and Persian, and the generational culture difference plays a large part in Molly’s story.

There are many comics that are set in fantastical worlds, and many comic characters who battle evil villains. Finding Molly is not one of those comics. It is set in the here and now, and the most important battles that Molly fights are within herself.

There is no evil genius to defeat or a mutant gene that gives Molly the power to do so. Molly faces struggles like insecurity, loneliness, and jealousy. Her “super powers” are confidence in her own abilities and her creative spirit. She is just a confused 20-something trying to do what she loves for a living, and an amazing role model and heroine.

finding molly glowing cat eyes

I would definitely recommend Finding Molly, especially to those who are entering or exiting art school of any kind. You can find the web-comic on EMET’s facebook page and the first two issues on their website!

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  • Reading this is on my to-do list! It just looks so fun.