Comic Review: The Wendy Project

A powerful interpretation of Peter Pan, The Wendy Project, just in time for All the Tales.

Common Room had the pleasure to team up with The Nerdy Girlie, and Emet Comics, a woman-focused comic company. As a result, we have a few comic reviews for you!

I had the pleasure of reading The Wendy Project, by Melissa Jane Osborne and Veronica Fish. (See Debbie and Hadas’s review of Helena Rose!)

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The summary of The Wendy Project reads:

A modern-day Wendy Darling confronts her sanity when she suspects a mysterious flying boy has abducted her little brother. Placed in a new school, Wendy struggles to separate fantasy from reality as those around her start to resemble characters from Neverland. all the tales emet comics

I was hooked immediately and jumped at the chance to review it. I moved through the comic quickly and the design was unique and captivating. The comic is written as if it is Wendy’s own sketchbook, so it is drawn simpler and rougher than I’m used to. However, this aesthetic made it more personal and gives readers a glimpse into how Wendy is feeling.

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For example, the everyday world is drawn in black and white, while Neverland (or Wendy’s imagination) is in vivid, bright color. This signals to the reader to look out for parallels between this retelling and the Peter Pan story we are all so familiar with, and also gives it an edge of fantasy.

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There are a lot of retellings from the classic story of Peter Pan, the boy who refused to grow up. One of the most interesting parts of the story is to ask the question is Neverland real? Or is it all something that the children, or even Peter himself, is imagining? This version hones in on that question from Wendy’s perspective and juxtaposes real world problems with the fantasy of Neverland in a way that is new, refreshing and relatable.

What is your favorite version of Peter Pan?


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  • Danielle Knapp

    This sounds great and the illustrations are gorgeous

    • You should really check it out, Danielle. I’m a Peter Pan diehard and I really enjoyed it. Added a bit more depth ya know?

  • Danielle Knapp

    This sounds great and the illustrations are gorgeous