Mother’s Day Special: What I Learned From…

For Mother’s Day (and Father’s Day next month) we’re sharing memories of our family members’ influence on our Pop Culture, Food, Fitness, and/or Fashion tastes. Please share your stories in the comments!

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Mother's Day Lydia Mom GrandmaMy mom had a big impact on my geeky life, introducing me to several amazing things. One of the many things she introduced me to was classic horror, which gave me a love for the classic films and even the newer ones. I remember watching Dracula with her and seeing several other of the classics throughout my young life. She also introduced me to a lot of great classic non-horror films such as the 1920s Phantom of the Opera and the 1930s Hunchback of Notre Dame, which I absolutely loved. (And I guess those were a little scary for people back in the day…)

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She also introduced me to my love of Les Misérables, and it has been my favorite book since I first read it when I was 10/11 years old. It is also my favorite musical (she had me read it before I saw the musical). In a way, her having me read the book before seeing the musical is what really started me on my whole, “I have to read the book before I see the movie” thing. I don’t always follow that, but it isn’t uncommon for me to avoid seeing a film or show until I’ve read the book.

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I get a lot of my love of reading from her and my Nana (my mom’s mom). I probably wouldn’t have near the amount of books nor read the amount of stories I have if she hadn’t introduced me to the wonderful literary world through Narnia. (My dad introduced me to The Lord of the Rings but that’s for another post.) She made up voices as she read the stories and that was one of my favorite things as a kid. I have so many great memories of going to bookstores with her and picking out books to read together. I think reading with your children is a vital part of their lives, and I am really glad my mom felt that way too!

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I also have a huge love for the theatre that I got through her though I know I would never be able to be in a play. My mom was an actress and was heavily involved in theatre for quite some time. She introduced me to so many musicals and plays, and it’s because of her that I could probably sing most any show tune at random. (Though, don’t expect it to sound lovely whatsoever.)

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I am really happy with all that my mom introduced me to, and it is because of her that I have such a fascination with literature and plays. Thanks, Mom! Happy Mother’s Day to all of the lovely mothers out there.



Mother's Day Imma Hadas Graduation
My Imma (mother) is my actual best friend, forget what I said about Siri a few months ago. She is not a huge pop culture person, she prefers creating. She loves to design and create with random items she finds on the side of the road, our old clothes, old jewelry or toys, branches, twigs, lumber, leather, saws, a Dremel, and more intimidating equipment. Without her influence, I would probably have a much smaller imagination and not as much nerve.

In the Fashion/Beauty realm, my mother taught me to be true to myself. It took me a long time to realize my hair looks good naturally curly without LOADS of product contorting it to the shape I want. It helped that whenever my hair was slightly wild she complimented me. It is so much healthier and cleaner now that I don’t use so much junk in it.

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In the Pop Culture realm, my brothers really influenced my tastes, but my mother introduced me to reading. We went to the library every week and had a special library bag that burst at the seams. I remember the first books I “read,” Leo the Late Bloomer and Sally’s Messy Room. She read them to me every night and I also had the tape that goes with the book, so of course I didn’t read, I memorized, but I enjoyed that experience and still love discovering stories now.

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In the Food realm, my mother taught me loads of things, but I want to point out a recipe my Doda (aunt) Ilana taught me. I’ve spoken to a few friends who mentioned their parents didn’t teach them anything, but that can’t possibly be true. Not everything is like a lesson in school, sometimes you learn through an experience or exposure to something. My aunt invited us to dinner for a holiday one year and she served tuna salad that was a bit different than usual. Usually, the tuna salad has salt, pepper, mayonnaise, and Israeli pickles. This time instead of pickles there were Israeli olives. That was the best tuna salad I ever had. Later she confessed it was simply because she didn’t have pickles and decided to give this a try. What a great find! I learned a new recipe and it’s one of my favorites that I tell people about often. There wasn’t a ceremony and a warm Full House moment, it just happened, and something was learned.

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Happy Mother’s Day to all the ladies in the world who mother someone or something whether related by blood or not, human or otherwise.