#FairytaleRC Review: Untamed a Fairy Tale Adaptation

As you may or may not know this fairytale adaptation has been the one book I was looking forward to reading for this challenge. A.G. Howard’s Splintered series has been an absolute delight for me to read and Untamed was no exception.

fairytale adaptation book review Untamed A.G. Howard

How I came to find this book: 

This is the final tale in the Splintered series, a modernized fairytale adaptation of the classic Alice in Wonderland story. I have been looking forward to rounding out this challenge with this very book from the moment I found out the release date was set for December.

My rating:

rating smiles 5 best

I loved this story. It is honestly my favorite in the series. The stories within this novella gave me all the answers and closure I needed as a reader.

What’s the story about?:

There are actually a few short stories in this book. The first is from Alison’s (our heroine Alyssa’s mother) perspective and it gives us a glimpse into her past as well as a chance to see more of her husband Thomas’ memories. The next tale is The Moth in the Mirror. If that sounds familiar it’s because it is and you can read my review of that story here. The final section of this novella is told from our beloved Alyssa’s point of view and covers her life after she saved Wonderland.

My favorite thing about this book:

It would be a huge cop out for me to say everything, plus it wouldn’t be entirely true as you’ll see in the next section. With that said, there are many things I absolutely adore about this fairytale adaptation. I love when stories give me closure and this did. I’m also a sucker for backstory which I got with Alison’s reminiscent tale.

My least favorite thing about this book:

To be totally honest I could’ve done without The Moth in the Mirror section. I already read it and while I did enjoy it and I understand why it was added to this book I merely skimmed the entire section to make sure it didn’t offer any new information.

My favorite character and why:

This section has produced a tie. I don’t want to give too much away so I will say that the daddy long legs, from Alison’s section of the book, are my heroes and Muse, from Alyssa tale, brings a smile to my face.

My least favorite character and why:

No ties here! Wally Harcus absolutely disgusts me! His part in this story proves to me that not only is Alison stronger than her family ever gave her credit for but also that in his own extremely twisted way Morpheus cares for humans more than he’d ever admit.

My favorite quote:

Madness, like any other facet of irrationality, can be used as a tool and weapon, in the right hands.

Do YOU plan on reading Untamed soon?