20 Most Anticipated Movies of 2016

Every year, there’s a number of movies I’m particularly excited to see, and this year is not different from the others! You might not see what everyone is talking about on their lists, like I REALLY don’t care about Superman vs Batman and Suicide Squad for example, but you might found some gems that you could look forward to seeing this year.

Let’s see what anticipated movies I’m most excited about in 2016!

Kung Fu Panda 3

The Kung Fu Panda Franchise is my favorite! I love both movies and every short that came out afterward. The stories, the animation, the general quality of those movies just makes me so excited. For this third adventure, Po is finally reunited with his real father and family. I’m just worried in advance for his adoptive father, I always feel bad for him because he loves Po so much and end up with his feelings bruised most of the time… It’s already giving me feels! There’s no reason why I’m not going to love this third episode!

Already out in the US, I still have to wait March to see it in France…


Chocolat is a french biopic, by director Roschdy Zem, telling the story of Chocolat, whose real name was Rafael Padilla, the first black circus artist in France. I have a complete trust in Zem, and I’m really interested to see how Chocolat’s story is being portrayed for a modern audience. I’m interested in learning more about the man who went from a slave to renowned clown in a racist time. He is also the man behind the old racist posters and Toulouse Lautrec’s paintings. Plus, Omar Sy is back on our french screens!

Already out in France, US release date unknown.

Hail, Caesar!

Ah the Coen Brothers, I usually like one out of three of theirs. I’m really hoping Hail, Caesar! will be the one making a difference for me in their filmography. The trailer is AWESOME! I’m all about satirical movies on the 50s film industry, bring it on! We’ll also get to see George Clooney, Ralph Fiennes, Scarlett Johansson, Tilda Swinton and a lot more be their best comic selves!

Already out in the US.


If there’s one superhero themed movie I’m REALLY waiting for this year, it’s Deadpool! He’s one of my favorite Marvel Comics character, and after what’s been done to him in Wolverine: Origins, I can’t wait to see him reborn again. I didn’t know what to think about Ryan Reynolds after it was announced he would take on the role again, but now I’m sure I’m going to love him as Wade.

Coming out February 12!

Eddie the Eagle

Taron Egerton made the list again! After Kingsman, he comes back with Eddie The Eagle, a biopic on Michael Edwards, the first British ski jumper to enter the Winter Olympics in 1988. The trailer isn’t bad -I loved the “we’re a disgrace” bit – even if it’s a little too revealing. But after all, it’s a biopic, the story is known already and overall it’s going to be a feel good movie. I’ll also say that Hugh Jackman and Egerton as the dynamic duo is a huge YES, and I would like to congratulate their casting director for that.

Coming out February 26.

Hello My Name is Doris

I rarely watch trailers, mostly because they spoil too much of the plot. But when I stumble upon a movie I really haven’t heard about, I just watch it. That’s how I fell in LOVE with Hello, My Name is Doris. I’ve been craving movies like this one! Human interest stories are my favorite, it’s a secret to no one by now, and this one looks awesome. Max Greenfield playing Sally Fields’ romantic interest, I say yes any day! Plus Tyne Daly is in it, so one more reason to watch it. I need more movies with great stories starring women over 65! (editor’s note: WOAH! She’s 69! Who knew?)

Coming out March 11!

My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2

Almost 14 years after the first one, Toula and Ian have a daughter of their own and still the same crazy Greek family. I’m very curious to see what this sequel is going to look like. My Big Fat Greek Wedding is a little bit like a childhood memory, I used to watch it a lot, alongside 50 First Dates, The Others and The Lord of The Rings. I was a weird kid I’d give you that. I can’t wait to have a little bit of my childhood come back in style.

Coming out March 30


I hadn’t heard of this movie before stumbling upon the trailer. First of all, I’d basically watch anything with Daniel Brühl, he’s one of my absolute favorite actor. Secondly, I don’t think I’ve actually seen any of Emma Watson’s post-Potter movies (apart from Ballet Shoes). Colonia seems like a psychological drama. It explores the insides of a cult Emma’s character is entering to find her abducted lover. Well, you know what? I really want to see what it has to bring to the table and how Emma evolved as an actress.

Coming out April 15

Sing Street

Music, young Irish talents, and accents, I’m all here for this! Sing Street shows Dublin in the 1980s, where a boy is trying to escape his daily life by creating a band to impress a girl. It made it to Sundance this year, and I can’t wait to see it on my screen. I love that apart from the parents, played by Aiden Gillen and Maria Doyle Kennedy, most of the young actors are newcomers. Way to open the gate for new talents!

Coming out April 22 in the UK.

Captain America: Civil War

This year there’s a lot of huge blockbusters coming out, and several of them come from Marvel Studios. I’ll start by saying that I have a complete trust in the Russo Brothers. I went to see The Winter Soldier 6 times cause I thought it was well written and just had more depth than any other typical superhero movies. However, if this list was arranged from most excited to least excited for, Civil War would place last. Also, this year apparently people in superhero movies start to realize that those heroes do a lot of damage when fighting crimes. Destroying buildings comes with a lot of casualties, and I’m interested to see how both this one and

Also, this year apparently people in superhero movies start to realize that those heroes do a lot of damage when fighting crimes. Destroying buildings comes with a lot of casualties, and I’m interested to see how both this one and Batman vs Superman will deal with the situation.  And again, I’d watch anything starring Daniel Brühl so.

Coming out May 6.

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