Yemenite Dance Challenge


For this 2/3 Yemenite Themed F3, we have TWO dances to try.

The first is a Hard Yemenite Step Dance (atari or ??? ????):

Instructions: (stolen from Wikipedia!)

The following description of the right Yemenite step explains the footwork and direction of movement:[2]

  1. Beginning with weight on left foot, step sideways to the right. Weight moves right, onto the right foot.
  2. Shift weight left, onto the left foot, which may stay in place or move slightly backward.
  3. Cross right foot in front of and slightly past the left foot, and step on right foot. Weight moves left, onto the right foot.
  4. Hold. Weight stays on right foot. Left leg remains behind and slightly to the right, with toe on the ground for balance.


The second is another Easier Yemenite Step Dance called Da’asa or ????

There are many variations, but the very basic form looks like this (3:36 -4:23 in the video below).



Try to learn the moves and then you must apply both to music!