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It was the Sunday where everything went wrong. 3 episodes were scheduled with 8 different guests and 6 had to back out at the last minute. It was just my luck that I found the most incredible co-hosts for our episode about Internet communities at the last minute: Kat from Mugglenet.com and Barb from Trendom.co.

As this is an episode about internet communities I’ll share how I know Kat and Barb.

mugglenet internet communities friendship online
Mugglenet is a mega-popular site and as a young Potterhead, it was one I gravitated to. As soon as their global re-read of the entire series, Alohomora, started up, I listened and then got the courage to apply to be a guest**. I spoke to Kat via email once or twice and then we found one another on a social media job group on Facebook! We even worked together on a client that… we just don’t want to talk about, but on to bigger and better things! :P

trendom internet communities friendship onlineBarb and I met each other on… Twitter! We were both live-tweeting The Emmy’s and having a blast. Live tweeting is hit or miss if the witty peeps of the internet don’t write back. Barb and I tweeted at each other throughout the night. It makes my night when I make a new friend through twitter (see: Dave). I love her site Trendom.co and am thoroughly enjoying their playlists on Spotify. Check ’em out!

Join our conversation:

internet communities

What is your first memory of the internet?
What was your first experience with an internet community?
Are most of your friends made IRL (in real life) or online?

** Estee and Christine also guest starred on Alohomora. Check out their episodes!

As mentioned on previous posts, we’ve been watching a few documentaries for our#NonFicNov event. Listen in as we discuss Tig, Good Hair, and The True Cost.
Also for NonFicNov, Sewing 101!

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