Would You Like a Cup of British TV?

I’m a sucker for British shows: the quality, the people, the accents, the stories and situations, everything is perfect! Unlike in the US, where the TV Schedule is strictly and tightly put together, in the UK it’s more relaxed and the schedule is made on a month to month basis. Very often, the air dates or trailers arrive just a few weeks before the release. Let me talk about 5 shows (and more) that I’m most excited about for this Autumn on British TV.

Downton Abbey 

Downton Abbey Dowager Countess Maggie Smith

That’s it folks! We’ve finally reached the final series (season in American speak) of the beloved ITV show, Downton Abbey. The truth is I’m quite happy it’s ending. The last two seasons weren’t great and I was afraid it would turn into one of those shows that never ends and becomes more and more ridiculous as time goes by. I’m really excited to see what this bunch has to offer in their last episodes, and I’m sure Julian Fellowes will not disappoint! I’m hoping for a happy ending, especially for Bates and Anna, cause life in this house hasn’t been too kind on them. Also, I can’t wait for those Carson/Mrs Hughes scenes you guys!

This last series will start airing September 20th on ITV.

(Editor’s Note: The team must have been in denial which is why we forgot the delightful Downton on our Fall TV must list!)

The Moaning of Life

Karl Pilkington Moaning of Life Sky One

Karl Pilkington is back with the second series of The Moaning of Life! Oh, how I love watching his adventures! For those of you who don’t know him, he’s a British comedian, a friend of Stephan Merchant and Ricky Gervais, who is known for his cynical and very British view on the world. In An Idiot Abroad, the first “Pilkington” show, Merchant and Gervais sent him to visit loads of different countries, none of which he wanted to go to. The Moaning of Life is different because he actually gets to pick where he goes, as well as interrogate himself about life and how other cultures deal with everyday problems. It’s definitely for an older audience, but it’s really funny and worth the watch!

This second season will air in October on Sky1.

Da Vinci’s Demons

Da Vinci's Demons Tom Riley Starz

Ok, I’ll admit, technically it’s an American based tv show, but have you seen this cast? Of course it’s also British! In Da Vinci’s Demons, we follow Leonardo Da Vinci (the very handsome Tom Riley) in epic adventures across Italy and beyond. I first got into this show because Tom Bateman was in it. I met the guy after a performance of Shakespeare in Love and proceed to watch what he’d been in. I was hooked from the beginning and I’m quite sad it’s coming to an end already. I’ll also admit that the second season was weird, but I still enjoyed it. I hope this last season is gonna be as exciting as the two others!

Airs October 24th on Starz.

London Spy 

Ben Whishaw London Spy BBC Two

The BBC and its Dramas and miniseries! I live for those! London Spy, a drama starring Jim Broadbent, Charlotte Rampling, Edward Holcroft, and Ben Whishaw concentrates on a blooming romantic relationship between a Spy (Whishaw) and a young frivolous man (Holcroft), until the latter disappears. I cannot express in words how much I want to see this one. So many good actors and a truly original story. Thank you BBC Two, I’m greatly going to enjoy this five-part miniseries!

This is a sneak peak of BBC Two’s 4 new original dramas, including London Spy (I’m excited for The Dresser as well!). It will air in October on BBC 2.

This is England ’90

This is England 90 Michael Socha

Three years we’ve been waiting for this one and it’s finally here! It’s the third part of the This is England series, the TV spin-off of the 2006 movie of the same name. I recommend watching everything, from the movie to the two miniseries (This is England ’86 and This is England ’88) in order. It’s well documented and really manifests a particular era in England. Plus there’s Joseph Gilgun and Michael Socha, and I don’t know about you but I’ll follow those guys to the very end of this earth…

It will air on Channel 4 in September.

Let’s Not Forget!

Peaky Blinders

Tommy and the boys are back! 2015 should mark the return of the Shelby family and their shady traffic. Plus, Tom Hardy is coming back! This show is absolutely amazing with one of the finest acting I’ve seen in that kind of drama. A must see if you haven’t already (if you have Netflix, ladies and gents…). We can hope for its third series before the end of the year, with a little bit of luck!

Les Revenants (The Returned)

A splash of French never hurt anyone! ;) Les Revenants’ (or The Returned) first season was a huge success in France and internationally. Netflix and A&E even gave it an American twist earlier this year, which didn’t work as planned since the remake got cancelled. Hopefully for us, the second season of the original version is coming our way, and should be broadcast before the end of the year!

Doctor Who

No need to repeat it over and over again, but the premiere of series 9 of Doctor Who is approaching rather fast! Don’t forget to tune in to BBC one on September 19th!

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  • Michael Socha–my favorite werewolf ever. I’m with you, I’ll follow him to any show out there! :)

    • Yeah! He was awesome in Being Human! And he’s the only reason why I’m still watching Once Upon a Time (along with Lana Parrilla). :)

  • Katie S.

    I’m also looking forward to Downton Abbey, and of course the one episode of Sherlock we’ll get at some point! I also love the show Almost Royal on BBC America. It is absolutely hilarious! It’s like Da Ali G Show a little in that it’s two fake “royals” that they bring to America and have them doing different American things. They crack me up!

    • Oh Sherlock, I can’t wait for this one (but we’re never sure when we’re gonna get it ahah). I’m not a fan of Almost Royal but I see why so many people like it! :)

    • I’ve seen that! It’s so silly Almost Royal.

      • Katie S.

        That show makes me laugh so hard!