Wish I Was Here

I recently saw Wish I Was Here (2014) and here is my 3+- Movie Review!


  1. Joey King plays Grace Bloom and is fantastic!  Her character is very genuine and smart. There is a very sweet scene where she talks to a boy that she likes and she definitely nailed the awkwardness of being young and having a crush.
  2. I have never liked Zach Braff very much, but this film changed my mind about him.  Seeing him as a family man with ambition made him very likable.  He did a great job on the script. He wrote some very touching moments between his character’s father interacting with others in the family.
  3. I learned a lot about Jewish culture and religion in this film. It was very interesting to follow a family that doesn’t practice their religion, but then have a daughter that is very adamant about going to her Jewish school.


  1. The sci-fi aspects in the film sometimes seem random.  Although I warmed up to it, I think some people might feel this is a little strange.
  2. [Minor spoiler] I didn’t like the way Aidan talks to his father when he is sick, almost very childlike.
  3. I’m finding it hard to find a third negative, but the little boy that plays his son was in the film, Looper. I think I let that film affect how I react to his character in this film.  Sometimes he just annoyed me for no reason. The daughter outshone him for sure.

Wish I was Here Poster
Honorable Mentions

  • The nerd girl in me loved the references to ComicCon and Game of Thrones.
  • Great Soundtrack!
  • It’s always a pleasure to see Josh Gad *smile*

Charee’s Rating: 4/5