#WHTGB Lost Rewatch: Tabula Rasa


Episode two of our Lost rewatch focuses on episode 3 of the season 1: Tabula Rasa

tabula rasa lost

Recap of island life: Days 2-4. 48 survivors.

Jack tends to a man with shrapnel in his chest. Kate says she sat next to him on the plane. Hurley and Jack find Kate’s mugshot. Later Jack tells Kate they should all get a chance to start over on the island.

lost rewatch tabula rasaSawyer loots corpses. Jack can’t find enough medicine in the fuselage. Sawyer and Kate want to kill the man as Jack is wasting the medicine and he won’t get any better without outside help.

Locke and Walt develop a friendship. Michael is suspicious. Locke finds Walt’s dog Vincent, and lets Michael bring Vincent back to Walt.

Sayid, Kate, Boone, Shannon, Charlie, and Sawyer go on a hike to see if the transceiver¬†will work. They discover the French woman’s message.

The episode ends with a focus on Locke and ominous music.

Flashback focus: Kate sleeps in a random barn in Australia. Then she hangs out in that farm because the owner lets her. One day she tries to escape, the owner offers to drive her around. He plans to turn her in.

The man with the shrapnel is revealed to be a marshall who captures Kate. We don’t know what she did, but she is wanted.

We see vivid and scary scenes from the turbulence to the crash from Kate’s point of view.

Themes discussed on our Lost rewatch of Tabula Rasa:
Would you ever want a blank slate in your life?

Furthering our leadership talk. Sayid, Sawyer, Locke, and Kate take on leadership roles in this episode.

Although this is the second episode of the series (if you count the pilot as one episode) we are already getting into heavy themes. Part of why many people love Lost is the depth in character development. Yes, the supernatural element is captivating and fun, but we grow to love these castaways.

Kate gets her moment in the first flashback episode. Is it super amemorable? We still don’t really know who she is. She seems harmless but is this a red herring?

The plane scenes were beautifully done. You can’t help but feel stressed and believe the fear Evangeline lily depicts.

No need to be afraid of spoilers. They’re at the end!

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