Twin Peaks 2 aka Meet Travis the Grimm


Instead of an in-depth discussion on Twin Peaks listen in to Travis the Grimm and Hadas (that’s me!) get nerdy. Sometimes not everything goes according to plan!


When it came time to record our second episode of the Twin Peaks rewatch focusing on season two, one co-host had to miss the recording and the other didn’t finish watching the season. Such is the life of podcasting. You really never know what will happen even if you try and plan well or you overcompensate with multiple prepared cohosts.


For a more accurate Twin Peaks discussion, please listen to the IGGPPC rewatch of season one. It features Rosa as a true blue fan of Twin Peaks, Lulu as the first time watcher and immediate hater on the show, and myself, Hadas, as the lukewarm pop culture consumer.

Twin Peaks

Travis has been a long time friend of the show and one of my absolute favorite people. Where can you find him? Oh boy, don’t get me started. Listen to the ep and you’ll see that Travis is everywhere doing so much! It’s pretty impressive. Heads to his twitter to find links to what he’s working on and to make a fantastic new friend. :)

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Stay tuned for our Rewatch of Veronica Mars!!