TDO 1: Kimmy Schmidt, Sherlock Lovecraft, + Fresh Off the Boat


Topical Dish (Entertainment News) and Obsessions are now on their own mini episodes!

Join Kendall aka the Distracted Blogger, Lydia, and Hadas in our Common Room!


KendallUnbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

cults racism passing for white

Lydia: Short Stories, specifically Shadows Over Baker Street

HP Lovecraft Short Stories Horror Mystery

HadasThe Golem and the Jinni

genie Jewish Arab Folklore Myths

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starbucks birthday cake frappuccino dragon age

Kendall: I am obsessed with the Starbucks Birthday Cake Frap! They offered it as a limited release to celebrate the frappuccino’s 20th anniversary. Be aware, it’s like 500% sugar.

starbucks birthday cake frap

Lydia: I am obsessed with the Dragon Age novels right now. I am currently reading The Stolen Throne and I’m enjoying all the prequel goodness.

David Gaider rpg novel gaming

HadasFresh Off the Boat: As an immigrant and a general lover of nostalgia, this show is right up my alley. I’m so glad I caught it when a good amount of episodes were already on and I could get a good fix.

eddie huang immigrant stories chinese ABC

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  • I’m currently re-obsessed with Mass Effect. Mmmmmmm, alien buddies & space adventures. <3

    • LydiaJoy.

      Mass Effect is pretty awesome! Except for that darn Mako…