Sweet Czech Cabbage: A Traditional Czech Recipe

My mom is Czech and Italian, so I wanted to try out a traditional Czech recipe/dish. I studied abroad for a summer in Prague, and I remembered there being a lot of meat and bread (two things that I am trying to eat less of). I decided to try a roast but with a plant-based side and settled on this recipe from the blog Czech in the kitchen.

sweet czech cabbage tradition czech recipe

I called my mom before cooking to tell her what I was going to do. It was so funny, as soon as I said “roast” she asked what I was putting on it.

 “I think just garlic and onions,” I answered.

She immediately responded with “Good girl. Remember to cut the roast open and put the garlic inside the meat before you cook it.”

Got it!

I also mentioned the cabbage and she said that her grandmother used to cook sweet and sour cabbage all the time and that it was delicious.

Debbie cooking cabbage and onions

Armed with this knowledge I set forth to cook. I do not cook a whole lot, and not a lot of the things I do cook require much chopping, and so obviously I took a chunk out of my finger when slicing the onions. (Sadly, not the first, second, or third time this has happened).Hurt thumb cooking accidentDespite my grave injury, the cabbage turned out well and is, in fact, delicious.cooking czech sweet and sour cabbage

The roast tastes very nice, but looks awful. I also sort of gave up on cutting it before cooking since turns out there was a big bone that went all the way through the cut of meat I got.cooking czech pork roast traditional czech recipe

Expertise: I’d say I’m a “basic intermediate.”
Ease: The pork was difficult, the cabbage easy!
CustomizingI completely gave up on making the gravy along with it. Since I don’t have an actual roasting pan with a lid, there weren’t enough drippings to even bother with trying to make gravy and I ended up using the little that there were to make sure the whole thing didn’t dry out.
RepeatabilityI will not be making another roast in the near future, but I will probably be making more of the cabbage very soon. It is a strange mixture of flavors, and the amount of sugar in it is alarming to me, but it really does taste very good.

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Enjoy This Traditional Czech Recipe!