Special #Iggle Episode: Roswell Season 2 Rewatch


Ever thought of rewatching a show you loved when you were a young teenager? Well, I did and it is so… interesting. 

Check out our season 1 episode and the original IGGPPC post for season 1. The season 2 post will be up soon!

Enjoy this audio version of the 5+ Charisma blog featuring Rosa and I chatting about all sorts of things from absentee parents to Katherine Heigl Spoiler Alerts and Brendan Fehr’s blog!

Roswell Season 2 Cast 720


Have you seen Roswell?
Rewatch with us
and comment below!



  • still one of my favorite shows…too bad the network ruined it! see, WB! Thats why u no longer exist! lol,,,,can’t get over how young they all look in this pic! (& its still odd not hating Emilie’s character (loved her on Lost & now Once Upon a Time!…effing Tess lol)

    • Hahaha. TBH I kinda got annoyed with Claire in Lost sometimes and she’s nice in OUAT, but needs more oomph. See if Tess was on OUAT she’d be a great match for Rumple. #FanFiction :P

      • LOL! Omg, that is soooo true! Rumple & Tess togetherwould beafriggin formidable team! wow! heehee :) #nerdfantasies