Space Expedition Movies or Why George Clooney is THE WORST!

Space expedition movies are exciting, fun, and sometimes based on truth. What’s a better-executed movie, Gravity or Apollo 13? Does it matter that one is based in truth and the other is more a fantasy? I was invited to discuss this and more on War Machine vs War Horse‘s podcast!

Thanks to our friend Dave aka Pop Culture Case Study I was invited to be a guest on the WMWH podcast to discuss Gravity, Apollo 13, and space survival movies in general. Having just read Astronaut Wives Club and watched the TV show, this was right up my alley and I had a blast with Michael!!

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With Gravity being such a special type of film with Sandra Bullock floating around on her own and Apollo 13 being based on true events, it was hard to compare the two space expeditions. Yet, Michael and I had some fun discussing whether George Clooney is the worst or pretty charming (it’s the former guys).

The rest of the War Machine vs War Horse team also discussed the recent release, The Martian.

Check it out, check out more of WMWH’s episodes, and let us know your thoughts!

Which is the Better Space Expedition Movie and why?