Sewing 101 with Annie from The Enantiomer Project #NonFicNov


Last week we released our episode about Fast Fashion and The True Cost movie. This week we’re releasing our episode with Annie from The Enantiomer Project.

Dr. Anne is a real-life scientist and a professor at a fancy university, but not one where there are galas every Friday. Her blog likes to present sewing patterns and projects as scientific experiments. And the results are almost always gorgeous.

Annie Case Hanks Enantiomer Project Sewing NonFicNov

Presenting… the Star Wars dress! Since we don’t want to steal the blog’s thunder, we’ll just post one dress we LOVED and strongly urge you to check out the blog as soon as possible.

Have You Ever Made Your Own Clothes?
(Teach Us!!!!)

As mentioned on previous posts, we’ve been watching a few documentaries for our#NonFicNov event. Listen in as we discuss Tig, Good Hair, and The True Cost.

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