Rise of the Tomb Raider and Musical Theater!

Lydia’s Tomb Raider love is still strong and Margaux is getting musical in our team updates for 11.5.15!

Lydia Circle BG Label

Rise of the Tomb Raider Lara CroftRise of the Tomb Raider comes out Nov. 10th and I am so excited. I’ve played Tomb Raider since I was 12 and absolutely love this series. I really enjoyed the reboot, but I missed all the puzzles and typical Tomb Raider adventures. It looks like this game picks back up with classic Lara adventures – let’s hope she gets a motorcycle, dual pistols, and little more sassy. Check out the trailer complete with Karen O’s perfect song!


Margaux Circle BG Label

Heathers the Musical Elle Mclemore Broadway

Every first Monday of each month, the AMT Live, an organisation based in Paris promoting musical theatre, organise Open Mic Night. It’s no secret that I love musical theatre, and it’s awesome to be able to share that love with others. So far I’ve only listened to others sing, but I am trying to build the courage to do it at some point! This month’s theme was Heroes and Villains, and awesome songs were sung. If I had performed, I would have sung Candy Store from the musical Heathers. It’s such a good “villain” kind of song, it would have been perfect!