#Potterweek: Relationships in Harry Potter


Relationships in Harry Potter and fun and frustrating. Ginny and Harry make sense on paper, but some people can’t stand their pairing. Lily and James together is confusing, but is Lily and Snape any better?

relationships in potter

Young Lily and Severus is a creation of Marina Michkina!
This depiction of Snape happily hanging with his patronus is by IAmThatIsJamala!
Young Lily and Grown up Severus is made by Valhalrion!

On this fourth Potterweek episode of 2016, I’m joined by Alice aka Kangaru on the interwebs and Kayla of Epicfied from all over the net. Both ladies suggested discussing the romantic relationships in Harry Potter, that they cannot stand!

Ginny and Harry’s Relationshiprelationships in harry potter

This depiction of the “squad” is by Tasiams!!

Best friend’s little sister + the big man on campus. Seems perfect for a sitcom or a YA book, but why can’t many get on this bandwagon? Some reasons? We discussed Oedipal overtones, the alleged lack of clues, and the dislike of the epilogue/a fully happy ending.

Lily and Snape’s Relationship

At first glance, The Prince’s Tale is romantic and heartbreaking. When we analyze further, Snape’s story seems over the top and unhealthy. How do you feel?

Lily and James’s Relationship

What we discover about James is pretty upsetting, while what we learn about Lily makes her out to be perfect. In a series where the author expertly crafts grey characters, how are we supposed to approach this?

Which Relationships in Harry Potter
Do You Dislike Most?


Stay tuned after the show for an extra bit about the Ilvermony houses on Pottermore.

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