#Potterweek #PotterPowers: Subtle Cosplay Spell Edition

We’re taking this prompt for a ride! How would you interpret your favorite spell, charm, or, yes, curse, into a fashionable outfit?

Spell: Expecto Patronum (The Anti-Dementor Spell)

Expecto Patronum dolphinpatronus

The books describe the color of the spell being silvery and the films show a person’s Patronus as a bluish white almost ghostly or almost vaporish animal or shield. So I tried to stay in that color scheme with my outfits.
The first is more of a daytime ensemble. The shirt is silvery gray and the way it lays reminds me of the smokey trails we see chasing a full body Patronus in the movies. The light wash denim leggings bring to mind the colors we see when Harry is teaching the D.A. how to cast the charm in the Room of Requirement. I chose a sparkly blue polish and some blue opal and silver jewelry to tie the outfit together while adding the form I believe my Patronus will take. Afterall they don’t call me DolphinPatronus for nothing.
For the same reason, I added some rhinestone dolphin jewelry to my after-hours dress. The dress itself is in the same lighter blue color family and has a loose drapey skirt that reminds me of that vaporish look a Patronus can sometimes have. The nails are a smokey silver to not only tie to the jewelry but to remind me of the way the books tell us a Patronus appears.

Spell: Expecto Patronum (The Anti-Dementor Spell)
#FairytaleRC Princess Look

I chose to base my cosplay look off of what I imagine my Patronus to be. It was a draw between a fox and a hummingbird. The hummingbird won out. Estee made a good point that the Patronus tend to be a silvery blue but I still wanted to go with the bright vibrant colors of a hummingbird. I think the pale pinks throughout my outfit tone down the color and maybe mimic the silvery blue in a way. My outfit is extremely subtle, but I think it captures the essence of the buzzy little bird.

Spell: Cruciatus Curse (The Torture Curse)

Cruciatus Curse

I chose the Cruciatus Curse, one of the three unforgivable curses. The torture curse is most famously used by Bellatrix Lestrange against Neville Longbottom’s parents. The curse is red when leaves the caster’s wand. I took that color as inspiration along with black for the dark arts. I also used Bellatrix as inspiration but looked for a bit more of a modern, streamlined look. I also liked the skulls on the shirt as a tie in to the Death Eater’s masks and the Dark Mark.

Spell: Avada Kedavra (The Killing Curse)

Subtle Cosplay Harry Potter Spells Avada Kedavra

Avada Kedavra is the infamous killing curse; the one that no one ever survives until the Boy Who Lived. For this cosplay, I decided to go with a mostly black outfit theme, and add touches of dark green to give it that sinister killing curse feel. Naturally, I felt the snake necklace would add a nice touch to it since the Dark Lord is the one who is well-known for using the killing curse quite often. Not going to lie, I want to buy every element of this outfit and wear it.

Spell: Morsmordre (Dark Mark in the Sky)

My favorite spell to say is Morsmordre mainly because of how David Tenant pronounces it in Goblet of Fire. It’s also super rare and creates a pretty picture in the sky. Yep not the best image in context, but I’d like to learn skywriting once I get my Hogwarts letter (it’s gonna happen…).  I’ve done so many black green outfits before so I tried something different by incorporating the night sky, bright lights, and a hint of skull. :P

I also attached a recent subtle cosplay I did of a Slytherin student with my very own attempt at drawing a Dark Mark (protip: use eyeliner and hairspray to make your own temporary tattoo!).

subtle everyday cosplay Harry Potter JK Rowling

Book Con Owl Elder Wand Hogwarts Harry Potter

Which Spell, Charm, or Curse Would You Cosplay As?


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PotterPowers: Subtle Cosplay Spell Edition


  • I love this idea! Cute outfits!

    • Thankya Kendall :)
      Which spell/charm/curse would you do?

      • If I was truly a witch, I’d love to see what my patronus ~actually~ was, not just what a Buzzfeed quiz (or my own imagination) told me. You know? Ha!

      • I know but at the same time I think I’d be disappointed if it wasn’t what I hoped.

      • Very true. I’ve just never been able to land on a patronus for myself, so I probably would be like, “Finally. An answer!” lol

      • I’m all about the dolphin! Lol