#Potterweek Hermione: The Brightest GirlBoss of Her Age


Oh, Hermione. We’ve definitely known a Hermione in our lives. We may even be one. Did Hermione ever grow up from being a know-it-all? Is that something she needs to grow up from?

hermione granger know it all

This amazing art is from Akai Monkey (full image below)!

Potterweek Hermione Granger

Join me and my guest host, Amanda of Great Beer Adventure as we chat about our favorite girlboss and the brightest witch of her age.

In book one, Hermione enters Hogwarts and the wizarding world as a complete outsider. What was her life like before? Of course, entering an entirely new world is intimidating, but is that why Hermione strives for perfection the way she does?

hermione granger know it all potterweek

This great piece is from Ancient King!

Does she ever change? Maybe. Hermione may pivot away from being bossy and becoming more helpful. She’s constantly trying to be the best and she doesn’t have to stop that.

We discuss how we each related to Hermione. Amanda as a mom sees how JK Rowling may have created Hermione as a role model for her own Jessica. Hermione is admirable, but realistic because she’s flawed.

know it all hermione granger

This beautiful piece was done by ivydeer!

The conversation also veered into insecurities. Is Hermione the way she is because she is constantly insecure as a person, as a muggle-born, as a female? Amanda and I share our insecurities too and how we are dealing with them.

How do you feel about the girl who slayed?


Here is one of my favorite Hermione memes. What IF Hermione was the main character? Things would get done much quicker most likely.

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