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I love making crafts, it’s a fun way for me to express myself and relax when I’ve had a really bad day. I also love a lot of tv shows, movies and universes. So when I combined those two love, I ended up with a room full of geeky crafts! In honor of Potterweek, let me share with you the Harry Potter crafts I’ve made or received and that are very proudly exposed around my room.

WROCK Letters 

Wizard Rock Harry Potter Potterweek Common Room

My mother got me those big blank letters that you can decorate a few years back and I never really knew what to do with them. One day, as I was tidying up my room, I found an old M letter decorated with gold paint. It coincided with a period of my life when I listened to a lot of Wizard Rock (or Wrock) so I decided to turn the M around and decorate the letters House Pride style. I drew the Houses symbol and painted them with the appropriated color and added little strips of colors on the now W. It’s really easy to do and ended up looking really good! I don’t listen to much Wrock anymore, but the letters are still proudly overlooking my room.

Homemade Wands

Wands Harry Potter Homemade Common Room Potterweek

I’ve always wanted a wand, and always wanted to buy one of those official HP wands from the store but it was always so expensive and I never got one. So since I wasn’t able to buy one for myself, due to my young age and no money,  I just decided to make my own! They are really easy to do, all you need is a few sheets of paper, a glue gun and regular glue, paint, and anything you’d like if you want to customize it a little bit.

  • Just roll a sheet of paper into thin cylinders, making sure one bit is a little larger than the other, and fix it with glue.
  • With the glue gun decorate the wand and create a handle and other cool designs, just let your imagination go wild.
  • Fill the ends of the wand with the hot glue to create a round shape.
  • When everything is cool, it’s time to paint!
  • When everything is dry, that’s it, you have your very own customized wand!

Ravenclaw Pride Box

Wit Beyond Measure Ravenclaw Common Room Potterweek

For my friend’s birthday last year, she was going through a rough patch so I made her 2 Doctor Who/Sherlock/Hitchhiker’s Guide to The Galaxy Themed Jars with little stars and sweets in them, so everytime she would feel sad, she could take one star and remember that someone is thinking about her and that everything would be just fine. For my own birthday that year she made me this amazing Ravenclaw box with our House motto on it: “Wit Beyond Measure is Man’s Greatest Treasure.” The outside looks so good, but the inside of the box is even more awesome! She printed out cutouts of HP sweets like the chocolate frogs and beans, and she bought the sweets to put in the cardboard. She also printed those amazing little cards and tickets. Needless to say that I was in heaven when I received the box, as I had no idea she was going to send it to me. Greatest gift ever!

Harry Potter Themed Mini-Paintings

Paintings Deathly Hallows Harry Potter Potterweek Common Room

I do a lot of crafty paintings, still about my favorite shows, movies or theater, and those two Harry Potter themed mini painting were a part of a movie themed series I did. The idea was to pick a simple symbol that would represent the chosen movies and add the appropriate background. The Deathly Hallows symbol was, of course, a winner and I decided to do another one with the HP initials. I painted two sheets of rigid paper in different colors (black and yellow), drew the letters and the triangle, and cutted out the whole. I then painted the mini canvas in gray and black and glued my cutouts on top. I wanted to add something more to the HP one, so I added gold glitters with a special spray. It’s a great decoration, it didn’t take too much time to make and it looks great!

Margaux C

Bonus: I also got my Hogwarts Acceptance Letter, that came with my box ;)

Acceptance Letter Hogwarts Common Room Potterweek Harry PotterWhat Are YOUR Favorite Potter Crafts?


  • I’ve always wanted to try making those wands! Yours came out so nice! :)

    • Thanks! They are way cheaper than the official wands and look great when cosplaying ;)

  • OOOH. I’m gonna have to try this out!