Potterweek 2016: What to Expect

*sonorus* Potterweek is back for year 2! This time we’re entering the Chamber of Not So Secret Potter Convos. Is that funny? Am I trying to hard? Moving on…

I plugged the opportunity to record about Potter on my personal Facebook, within several nerdy and podcasting groups, Twitter, and Instagram! The results were not surprisingly overwhelming. :)

potterweek comromco 2016

As we all know, when Potterheads start talking it’s hard for us to stop… To ensure that the conversation would actually go somewhere, I asked each person interested in Potterweek to pitch a conversation idea. The topics were really fascinating**.

Here is the upcoming release schedule for Potterweek 2016:

7/25 Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone movie commentary with Megan Gotch aka The Nerdy Girlie and Katie Elhoffer of Elhoffer Designs. Big kudos to our podcasting intern Kristen!

7/26 Hermione: Our Favorite Know it All GirlBoss with Amanda of Great Beer Adventure!

7/27 The Dursleys: A Look at Harry’s Only Living Family Members with Kris of No Extra Words!

7/28 Relationships in Potter: Ginny + Harry, Snape/Lily/James with Alice of Girl Who Roams and Kayla of Epicfied!

7/29 Villains in Potter with Akua and Ashley both officers of Geek Girl Brunch NYC. Also of A Stylish Jedi and You Haven’t Seen respectively.

7/30 Magic vs Muggle: How Each World Views the Other with Jada an officer of Geek Girl Brunch NYC and Julia Perkins (soon to be featured on our Lost rewatch podcast!).

7/31 Religion in Potter with Stefani and James (my friends from work!).

Bonus Jonases for Potterweek 2016:

Potter as YA with Greg of Adventures in Poor Taste!

Quidditch is THE WORST with Nathan of Flights, Tights, and Movie Nights (and Channel: Superhero) and Fitz of SO MANY PLACES (also heard on our Star Wars Rewatch episodes)!

Hogwarts + Dumbledore are THE WORST with Allison of Podlander, Nicole of Geeky Gatherings, How to Fangirl for Adults, and Common Room, and Debbie of The Geeky TwinYou Haven’t Seen, and Common Room!

**There were so many topics and so many episodes I tried to schedule that I actually found myself needing some Pepper-Up Potion. I actually fell asleep during two records, it was embarrassing. So I will continue recording with others and Common Room will have a mini Potterday on September 1st!