PHANTOM MENACE: Star Wars Rewatch


Full of excitement and a bit snootiness, here is our first rewatch episode all about Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace!

The Force Awakens

It’s finally here! We announced on May the 4th that we’d be doing a Star Wars rewatch just in time for our release of The Force Awakens!

Star Wars Rewatch Prequels Anakin Skywalker Qui Gon Jin

REWATCH ORDER (00:01:47): When you rewatch, or when you want to show the series to a noob what order do you choose and why? We discuss the pros and cons and the appropriate audiences for each trilogy.
Star Wars Rewatch Order Phantom to JediPhantom Menace A New Hope Revenge of the Sith Return of the Jedi
CGI in the PREQUELS (00:12:41): Did the CGI make or break the prequels? Is the CGI to blame for Jar Jar. Furthermore, what’s up with the…
RACIAL STEREOTYPES (00:21:45) Is it a conscious decision or is that just what latent racism is? Watto is stereotypically negatively Jewish while the Gungans are negative portrayals of island nations and the Trade Federation is a mix of pigeon speech. Are we racist for noticing or are the creators racist for not noticing?
Sebulba Watto Jar Jar Binks Tatooine Naboo Gungan Phantom Menace Star Wars RewatchPOLITICS, PLACES, CASTING (00:36:29): Borrrrring? Is this a kid’s film or not? Where does the politics come from? Solely to establish Palpatine’s story? We also discuss Naboo, Tatooine, Coruscant and the fantastic cast with less than fantastic output. Also, all the stuff we think Lucas did wrong.Naboo Coruscant Tatooine Star Wars Phantom Menace Rewatch
ACTING/WRITING SCORES (01:13:53): We give the prequels a hard time and it usually comes down to acting vs writing. We try to grade the films on each aspect.
FAVORITE QUOTE IMPRESSIONS (01:16:36): Ooooh boy, weesa in for some funs!

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Racism and Ethnic Stereotypes

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