#Oscars2016: The Big Short

Ah, here we have our second Wall Street related movie nominated for Best Picture in 3 years. And like I really didn’t care about The Wolf of Wall Street, I really don’t care about The Big Short.

steve carell ryan gosling

In 2008, a huge fraud was discovered in the housing industry which caused the global economy to collapse. Four outsiders predicted the falling of the banks and thought investments prepared the big short.

The Big Short is basically a more serious, meaningless, sexual, and extravagant Wolf of Wall Street. It also has more moral, more of a conscience, as we can see Carrell’s character crying at the fact he is potentially going to crush many lives. But it’s still about a bunch of A-holes making money off people who are trying to make ends meet.

The Big Short has been branded as a highly entertaining movie that makes a complicated subject understandable to so many. I just think they’re taking us for complete dumbos. What the hell were those “here’s a star explaining you something” cameos? I don’t need Margo Robbie or Selena Gomez to understand the 2008 crash, thank you very much.

Like I said, I don’t care much for Wall Street related movies and I don’t get the fascination around them. Why are they so special that people keep making movies on this subject? I would have loved to see a movie from the victims perspective. That would have been a little different for a big budget, A-Star cast, Hollywood, and award formatted movie.

Christian Bale Oscars The Big Short

Talking about big budget, when there’s one, you expect a certain degree of quality about what you’re about to see. In this spirit, let me ask one question, what the hell happened over at their hair and makeup department? All the wigs look horrible and let’s not talk about fake tans because it’s shocking. You have movies like Trumbo that did an incredible job with their aging makeup and wigs, and then you have that. It’s “Miles Teller fake stubble in the Fantastic Four” level of epic fail.

99 Homes, another 2015 movie, which earned Michael Shannon a nomination for Best Supporting actor at the Golden Globes, dealt with the housing subject in a better way. Don’t get me wrong, they have two wildly different stories, two different budgets etc… But the narrative is still about who makes the money and who pays up. What was interesting in 99 Homes, that isn’t in The Big Short, is how real and scary the situation actually feels.

The actors are all insignificant. There is’nt one actor that flies above the rest. And may I add that Christian Bale as the genius who acts like a baby or Ryan Gosling as the charming jerk, been there done that.

Even on a purely entertaining point of view, The Big Short just isn’t. I’m tired of movies that are based on the same pattern and still get tons of buzz. Sometimes it still produces a great movie, but most of the time it doesn’t. It’s solely created to appeal to certain emotions, to a certain audience and earn award nominations.

The Big Short is of no interest whatsoever. It still earned a few Oscars nominations, for Best Actor (Christian Bale) and Best Featured Film, and hopefully. they’ll win none.

Rating: 1/5

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