Oh, You’re Still On

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As the Fall TV season is about to start, I find myself with even less time than I had last year, which means I have to decide what shows I am going to drop from my watch lineup. This is always a difficult choice because even for the shows I am not enjoying as much anymore, I am still curious to know the endgame and how everything turns out.

So what have I cut out?

  • Bones
  • Covert Affairs
  • Extant
  • Hawaii Five-O
  • Legends
  • Supernatural
  • The Last Ship
  • The Lottery
  • The Strain
  • White Collar

The shows on this list mostly fall into the following three categories: Repetitive, Didn’t Develop, and Inexplicably Lost My Attention.


Bones, Hawaii Five-O, Supernatural, and White Collar fall into this category. These shows have enjoyable cast dynamics and compelling mysteries each week, but I still find them regularly slipping to the back of the queue when it comes to watching new episodes. For me the biggest problem is that although enjoyable, the characters stopped surprising me, which is something I need in case-of-the-week/monster-of-the-week style shows. Interesting cases are not enough for me, it is the personal struggles that pull me in. I may check in every once in a while (such as any time Felicia Day’s Charlie shows up on Supernatural), but I will likely not be tuning in with any regularity.

Didn’t Develop

Legends, The Last Ship, The Lottery, and The Strain are in this category. They were new shows with premises that excited me, but over time the mythology either didn’t depend enough or interest me enough to pull me in and the characters weren’t memorable. In each of these shows, after watching several episodes, I would be hard-pressed to name more than a character or two. No matter how interesting an idea, if the characters don’t connect, the show is a wash.

Inexplicably Lost My Attention

Extant and Covert Affairs both fall into this last category. I found both of these shows interesting and enjoyed the characters and mysteries. I rooted for Annie and Auggie and wondered what would happen with robot-boy Ethan, but still I found myself behind with little inclination to catch up during the summer’s slower periods. Now that I am quite a few episodes behind, it seems doubtful that I will ever catch up.

With only ten shows listed above, there are bound to be more that fall by the wayside, especially as I try to make room for the new arrivals. I wonder what shows will get cut out as the fall moves into winter.

What about you TV Watchers? What TV shows have you stopped watching and why?