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  • Hadas


    Lover of Potter, turtles, french fries and pizza together, singing, and completionism.
    Twitter. Instagram.

  • Debbie


    Lover of fantasy novels, sci-fi, Harry Potter, comics, and Felicia Day.
    Twitter. Instagram. Geeky Twin. IGGPPC.

  • Lydia


    Lover of Lord of the Rings, Ray Bradbury, Tomb Raider, Cats, and Tea.
    Twitter. Instagram. IGGPPC.

  • Margaux


    Lover of comics, British shows, sci-fi, musicals, and a little man named Joss Whedon!

  • Charee


    Lover of Harry Potter, film, chocolate, red lipstick, and Disney Princesses.
    Twitter. Instagram.

  • Christine


    Lover of penguins, the Muppets, hot caffeinated beverages, Tim Burton creations, and the Boy Who Lived.
    Twitter. Instagram.

  • Estee


    Lover of dolphins, Harry Potter, fairies, Starbucks, and my kindle.
    Twitter. Instagram.

  • Larissa


    Lover of music, traveling, photography and food.
    Twitter. Instagram.

  • Lindsey


    Lover of running, mermaids, all the colors in the world, homemade pizza, and good coffee.

  • Nicole


    Nicole, lover of dance, Harry Potter, Marvel, costumes, and chocolate. Twitter. Instagram. Blog.

  • Dave


    Lover of movies, Lord of the Rings, Disney, Dystopian novels, and Psychology. Podcast. Twitter. Instagram.

  • Jess


    Lover of coca-cola, middle grade and YA books, fantasy in any form, writing, and ultimate frisbee. Also at towardsthewaitingwoods.

  • Melissa


    Lover of kale, a good hamburger, long walks (to walk off that hamburger), and the ultimate bargain!

  • Rosa


    Lover of gingerbread, snail mail, woolen socks, epic fantasy, and a wizard named Harry.
    Gingerbread Sagas Twitter

  • Sylvia


    Lover of coffee, entertaining, and social media.


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