Non Stop

The date is June 5th. Just saw Non Stop on HBOGo. I was DYING to see it when it came out, but I had a ridiculously busy job at the time and really didn’t want to go to the movies at 8pm without dinner and get home at around 11ish. It was a bummer. Now, I’ve seen it and I LOVED IT SO MUCH!

Non Stop Liam Neeson Airplane Airport Hijacking Movie suspense thriller

Let me set the scene, it’s about 9:00PM on June 4th, I’m working for a travel blog and moderating comments. Things are getting repetitive. I looked at my HBOGo watchlist and decided, this is the perfect time!

Here’s my 3+-


Corey Stoll House of Cards Lady Mary Crawley Michelle Dockery Non Stop+

  • Airports and Planes!
    I LOVE flying and airports. Call me weird, so what?* My favorite part of trips are the getting there and planes just feel like magic. Airports are awesome because there’s a sense of adventure; everyone is going somewhere.
  • Britain Bound! Great famous faces.
    As an anglophile it was fun to know that this crew were heading to the UK. I could live vicariously. Also Lady Mary was there and she’s awesome.
    Another person there? Corey Stoll. Love that guy.
  • AWESOME Mystery! So many red herrings.
    Speaking of which, Lady Mary is such a jerk in Downton that I was completely okay if she turned out to be the terrorist on the plane because of the memes that could produce. Whether that’s the case… I won’t spoil. There were SO MANY red herrings that the mystery was really fun to watch.

Non Stop Airport Arrivals Liam Neesan

  • Um, awkward ending scene. Won’t spoil but two couples look at each other longingly or romantically, I guess. One pulls it off, the other feels forced.
  • Spoiler: I don’t like that the bad guys were blown off. There’s no evidence. Going to try not to nitpick.
  • My friend Dave, said this is Taken on a Plane. I guess that would be a minus, but being that I haven’t seen Taken, I’m okay with Taken on a Plane. (I know that was a cheat, but I really can’t think of 3 negative things about the movie!)

Overall Score: 4 STARS!


*Joy Behar Fred Armisen SNL