Nike Training Club Challenge

The first rule of Fit Club is: You do not talk about Fit Club.

The second rule of Fit Club is: Just Kidding!  Let’s talk about Fit Club!

Hey, Fit Clubbers!

The challenge this month is going to give you some more freedom to choose your workouts.  I downloaded this app, Nike Training Club, to my iPhone and I absolutely love it! There are a ton of 15 minute work outs, so my idea is that we pick one to do every day this month!

Some Tips:

  • Be sure to switch it up!  Do arms one day and maybe legs the next.
  • Shaun Johnson also has a great stretching workout.
  • Be sure to schedule 5-7 rest days of your own during the month.


This is what the app will look like in the App Store.

Nike Training App 1

When you first open the app, click “Get Workout” and then “Get Focused,” the bottom option listed above in the picture.  There will be a list of 15 minute work outs to choose from.

Nike Training App 2

I’ll come back at the end of the month and show you all how I did.

Good luck, Fit Clubbers!

Post in the comments how this challenge is going for you!  

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tag @commonroompc or use hashtag #CRFitClub.


  • This app is available for android products. I just downloaded it!