Needful Things by Stephen King

For Estee’s first Culture Club episode she chose a Stephen King theme. The three books we voted on were: Desperation, Salem’s Lot, and Needful Things.

The winner, by a unanimous vote, was Needful Things.

Stephen King Needful Things Book Cover CC


Grab the book on Audible or Amazon and join us on Episode 29!

Stephe King Needful Things Audible


  • I almost bought this when I was at the used bookstore in Ohio. I did download my first Stephen King book on Audible. :)

  • This is really creepy. It’s the second scariest Stephen King book for me. (“The Shining” takes the top spot.) I loved how odd and eerie the shop owner is. And the havoc he slowly builds, with the little town’s residents falling prey.. *shudder* Yeah, I’d say that’s horror.

    • Anna when we were chatting on Twitter the other day I thought you’d enjoy this episode. :)

      • I did listen to the podcast that mentioned “Needful Things” and I loved how you girls brought up points about what some scenes and characters would be like in this day and age. (Landline phone calls, third party line, etc.) AND there was also a mention of the Trickster character from “Supernatural.” (I am a fan of that show.) That was one good podcast. :)

      • I’m glad you enjoyed it. And by all means let us know what you think of some of the other episodes as well. We love getting feedback. :)