Nail Care


One of the hot topics in our Facebook group chat is manicures and pedicures. Listen in to the episode to hear about the staggering price ranges each host has in her area. That aside, we love getting our nails did and talk about how we take care of our lady talons and how we dress ’em up. Look at our Instagram for fun manicure pics too!



Ethnicity/Skin Color: Middle Eastern/Light brown
Hair Type: Medium thickness, Curly
Skin Type: 
Acne Prone
Best Buy: So I am incapable of painting my own nails, but I’m really good at grooming them. I have a set of nail files and buffers and cuticle cutters too, but I only use the cutter if things are out of control with a hangnail. I try to apply Sally Hansen Maximum Growth as a pretend top coat when I’m noticing my nails are loosing their sheen or perfection. I just bought Sally Hansen Vitamin E Nail and Cuticle Oil and try to put that on every night, but sometimes I forget or don’t want to because I end up playing games on my phone until I fall asleep and don’t want it to be all oily. My manicure place uses Essie brand polishes and I love ’em! I’ve tried OPI before and they definitely have a fun selection and great names, but I just gravitate towards the Essie shades /shrug.
Price: $5.99 for each
Sold by:
Walgreen’s, Target etc.


Ethnicity/Skin Color: Latina/White – light olive
Hair Type: Medium, Straight, “Ombre coloring”
Skin Type: Normal
Budget: Drugstore
Best Buy: Revlon Nail Enamel
Price: $5
Sold by: Drugstores, Target, etc.


Ethnicity/Skin Color: White as Snow.
Skin Type: Normal
Budget: Sephora
Best Buy: While I have a couple of Revlon colours in my nail polish box, I swear by the O.P.I. brand as my day-to-day choice. I use their ‘Start-to-Finish’ as my base and top coat and am constantly lusting after the newest colours and collections. The brushes are great, the polish doesn’t seem to chip as often as others do, the formula is high quality without ruining or staining my nails and the polish comes off easily. My go to colour for the work week when muted but neat tones are the key is ‘Japanese Rose Garden’ and then go crazy on the weekend.  My biggest problem with them is I’m usually stifled by indecision when I stand in front of their displays in-store with the rainbow wall of colours that makes me want For cuticle care I love Burt’s Bees Lemon Butter Cuticle Creme. If you haven’t come across it before, imagine Body Butter but for nails. It’s got a soft, sweet smell and it does wonders for my cuticles when they’re dry and hard, as well as prevents my nails from becoming too brittle.
Price: OPI $19.95; Burt’s Bees $$14.95;
Sold by: Myer, David Jones, A lot of different places.