Monthly Mixtapes: Childhood Memories

childhood memories

This month the theme is childhood memories. For me that means 90’s music, lots of it! (There is one song that’s not from the 90s, nevertheless I played it nonstop as a kid!)

Special memories:

Boney M – Ma Baker: I spent many a day listening to my parents’ Boney M album
Bell Book & Candle – Rescue Me: Singing along in the most annoying way and my parents trying everything to shut me up
Britney Spears – (You Drive Me) Crazy: Melissa Joan Hart being in Britney’s video basically made my young life



Here are some 90’s favourites from the team:

Estee: Barbie Girl – Aqua
Charee: As Long As You Love Me – Backstreet Boys
Cindy: Semi-Charmed Life – Third Eye Blind
Vanessa: Wonderwall – Oasis
Hadas: Be My Lover – La Bouche


  • ALL the 90s pop! BS’s Crazy video is one of my favorites!!! I agree with Bye Bye Bye, but I Want It That Way is MY BSB jam!! Thank you for this awesome walk down memory lane!! xx

    • Do you remember that show on MTV where fans got to reenact music videos? Not sure why, but Megan you just gave me a flash of nostalgia!

    • Larissa

      Where I work we have a similar playlist every Friday so I was well prepared ;) Glad you like it!

  • Oh my word, this list is amazing. 90s and 00s pop was just plain wonderful, wasn’t it? :)

    • Larissa

      it was when I was 10 and it still is now! Love a trip down memory lane :)