Mexican Tortillas: Grandma Edition

I come from a blended family. My dad’s heritage is Mexican/Hispanic so we eat a lot of Mexican food in our family. Tortillas are a staple that goes perfectly with any Mexican meal.

Mexican Tortillas recipe

My grandma Isabel makes the best tortillas! I asked her one day to teach me to make them. They are pretty easy, just can be time-consuming. And as you can see from the picture below, my tortillas never come out to the round circles that my grandmother has mastered. But practice makes perfect!

Here is my grandmother’s recipe:



  • 4-8 cups Quaker Flour
  • Tall glass of water


  1. Set the stove to medium heat and grease your skillet pan.
  2. Mix the flour, then make a hole in the middle before pouring water in. Mix the dough with your hands, and make sure that it’s not too watery.
  3. Once the dough is ready, make dough balls. Use a rolling pin to flatten the balls and make the circle shape.
  4.  Put the flattened dough on the skillet, then flip over twice until it’s done.

My grandmother’s technique is a little hard to explain unless you are there in person. Do what’s right for you until you get the perfect batch!

Expertise: Intermediate. Your first batch will not come out perfect, and that’s okay. They take a while to perfect. My grandma has been making them for about 60 years.
Ease: Easy. The steps are easy to follow, just time consuming.
Customizing: I would never add or take away anything from my grandma’s recipe. It just feels wrong and there aren’t usually different types of tortillas besides white and whole wheat.
Repeatability: Often!! My grandma makes them every time we come home. My great grandma used to make them everyday!!

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Enjoy My Grandma’s Recipe!