Men’s Fandom Fashion with Tony B Kim/Crazy4ComicCon


The ladies are finally getting the flattering geeky threads they always wanted. But what about the guys, eh? Men’s Fandom Fashion is the topic for our first episode back from a long hiatus (an explanation is on the episode). This episode was recorded a long time ago. Actually a long long time ago before SWVII was released… /sheepish.

men's fandom fashion

One of our friends from the Con Radio familia, Tony B Kim aka Crazy4ComicCon joined me to talk about a project he’s been working on for quite a while. When I spoke to the Con Radio familia about collaborating on an episode together, Tony got very excited about F3.

men's fandom fashion

Food, Fitness, and Fashion is the part of Common Room that often gets overshadowed but it is what I was adamant about including when creating the show and site. The idea for CR to include F3 was because I loved Pop Culture and F3 equally and passionately and knew I wasn’t the only one. I wanted Glamour Magazine and Entertainment Weekly to mate. So I did the cross breeding myself.

Tony’s project involves creating a line of presentable clothes for men who want to represent their fandoms. It’s true that nerd wear tended to be for men for a long time while also being a little… casual. For fans who want to rep Star WarsLotR, or Potter while at work or at a convention while still looking professional, Tony’s idea is a lifesaver.

Check out some snaps I stole from his site. Tony’s stylin.

men's fandom fashion men's fandom fashion

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Listen in to us chat about the idea, the process, convention love, and more background about Tony.

Check out Tony’s podcast, website, and follow him on Twitter for great conversation starters.