Lynne Yoshii: Hawaii, Japanese Culture, + NYC


We met Lynne Yoshii through Emet Comics. She is the artist behind Inside the Loop (our review is coming soon!). I had so much fun talking to her about nerd things we actually spoke for a bit after the ep as well.

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Lynne Yoshii was born in Hawaii! I am very jealous of course for Lost reasons.Lost Oahu Shots Gif 3

Her family is Japanese and while she was in Hawaii they made sure she learned the language by enrolling her into a special Japanese-only supplementary school. In fact, she was one of if not the only American residents there.

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Japanese Culture

Most of the students were there for a short while with their families and then returned home to Japan. The school was meant to keep the kids in the loop so they could return to Japan without missing a beat.

To help her connect with the Japanese culture and language, her parents happily indulged any request to buy comics. So Lynne has been very familiar with many types of manga and anime since she was a child and discovered western art as she grew up.

We also talked about the difference between American and Asian comics and cartoons. Sailor Moon was touched on and will be discussed a bit more in depth in another episode with Kristin and Kay, coming out soon.

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As Lynne and I are both immigrants, we talked about the language barriers we face ourselves and with our parents. If you’re an immigrant or your family speaks more than one language, do you have a hybrid language with them? Have you also called paper towel, towel paper before?

New York

We also discussed what it’s like to live in New York. While I feel like my culture is well represented, Lynne points out that Japanese culture is underrepresented in the Melting Pot state.

new york empire state building red

She’s right. There is a large Chinatown, a decent Koreatown, but barely any specific place that could be designated as a Japantown. Today I learned!

Where to Find Lynne Yoshii:

Emet Comics, DeviantArt, Facebook, Her Site