Lost Rewatch: Pilot, Episodes 1 and 2


In our first episode, spoilers had to do with what we spotted as allusions, foreshadowing, planned callbacks, or seeds of future plot lines. Do all those things sound the same? I tried…

Kate yelling We Have to Go Back right in the pilot! Kate says this to Charlie about Jack. Ironic as Jack said this to Kate in that jaw-dropping season finale.

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Black and White:
Right at the start Locke introduces the themes of black and white. The irony of the show is that everyone is grey in real life and certainly on this show. It’s a masterful feat when a show can create so many diverse characters that feel real because they aren’t binary.

Smoke Monster:
Yep, we hear smokey. But do we also see him? A fun theory I’ve been playing with during this rewatch is to see whether Locke is already influence or possessed by Smokey/MiB.

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