Batman v Superman: 3 Ladies’ Opinions


Yep, the long awaited fight between the Bat of Gotham and the Son of Krypton was released in March. Reviewers were unkind, fans had mixed opinions, and the stars were defensive.

batman v superman review

Joining me were Meghan aka @mesulli on the interwebs and Summer aka @TheFinchery. Check them out on the following sites! Meghan on Girls on the Grid and Summer on The Charming Finch.


Here are the topics we discussed:

Expectations for Batman v Superman
The reviews for this film were very opinionated. Did they scare you about the movie before or during your viewing?

When did you plan to see the film? With Star Wars many of us bought tickets in October as soon as they were released. Was this the same or was it a last minute “Why not?” decision?

Meghan is a huge comics fan and Summer especially loves Wonder Woman. How familiar were we all with this specific storyline and plot?

gal gadot wonder woman 2

Diving into Batman v Superman, we discussed the following plotlines. As I mentioned on the ep, even while writing this list down I was confused, which is telling about this film.

Wayne Parents Fight Back
Summer mentioned a YouTube video of all the portrayals of the Wayne parents’ deaths. So check this out for comparison.

I’m not crying, you are!

Bruce Anti Supes Destruction
Next up, we see the end of Man of Steel from Bruce Wayne’s perspective. That was effective and interesting, but did it make his motivations clear and rational later on?

Lois’ Desert Mission
Lois Lane’s mission in the desert is one of the plotlines that most don’t like. It doesn’t portray her well, it doesn’t seem necessary to the rest of the film, and it also kills off Jimmy Olsen for no reason.

Superman/Lois Relationship
This film follows the Christopher Nolan movies’ portrayal of our heroes as real people who have relationships that aren’t prudish. It also follows the trend of making the female loved ones of our heroes put in danger for plot and stakes purposes.

World Love/Hate Supes
This is what drew me to the film most. The questions about power. The question of “if you can, does that mean you should?” Unfortunately, save the great talking head cameos at the beginning this argument is forgotten once a government building suffers a terrorist attack.

bvs superman false god

Lex <3 Krypton
Hm…. Why? How? And, why again?

Wonder Woman
Almost everyone agrees, WW brought energy into Batman v Superman. She wasn’t in most of the film, but when she was, it counted.

gal gadot wonderwoman bvs

Meta Humans
Those logos though.

Meh? Just enough? Predictable?

Again, why?


Questions About Batman v Superman:

Is Lois damsel-ed here? Or is it refreshing to see her jump into all aspects of her job, be brave, and do whatever she wants?

lois lane batman v superman

Is Superman a bully of peace? What set Batman/Bruce off so much that he wanted to kill Superman?

Supes is coming back, how come Zod couldn’t come back? The sun healed Supes! Where were Zod’s cronies when he needed them?

Did WW have her gear in her bags? Is checking Amazonian armor a Turkish Airlines perk?

Did Doomsday bother you because he is anatomically incorrect?

Superhero movies are formulated to lead up to the next film rather than stand alone. Do you think superhero movies are ruined by Hollywood because there’s not a lot of room to play with that format?

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