K-Pop Playlist- #IntWomensMonth

This was a really fun playlist to make for me because I am always on the lookout for more pop. K-Pop (Korean Pop) is still a relatively new love for me. I got into it around the same time I got into World of Warcraft. I met some friends online that were obsessed with a few groups and introduced me to some great music.

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I’m a pop girl. I really enjoy the dance-y beats and the fun choreography. K-Pop bands (both boy and girl) are insanely precise and very complicated both in singing and dancing. Some aren’t like other Western groups that range from 3-5 members. Girls Generation has 8 members!

It is really a treat to watch and listen to. Oh, and, of course, it’s very fun to try to sing too. I wonder how badly I butcher Korean lyrics when I try to imitate.

I used Spotify to find some new tracks I might like and added the ones I already love. As you know, now everything is on Spotify. So here are two songs I really enjoy that could not be added to the K-Pop playlist.

Run Devil Run by Girls Generation. This is actually a song Kesha has sung as well. Not sure who sang it first, but I like both versions. Girls Generation actually has several versions: this Korean version, a 3D Korean version, and a Japanese version. This is pretty common, I believe. I’ve seen it with Exo, one of my favorite K-Pop boybands (more on them in another post).

Mamma Mia by Kara. It’s my favorite song to jump around to. Enjoy!

Recommend some more songs for this K-Pop Playlist in the comments!

A little more info on some of the artists!

Kara– Mentioned above. I didn’t include them in the K-Pop Playlist, because Mamma Mia is my favorite son and is not on Spotify currently. They actually disbanded in 2016. It went through a few different members, but in the end, no one really wanted to stay it seems. Shame. (Pictured below: Gyu Ri, Seung Yeon, Ha Ra, Young Ji)

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HyunA– She started out in the girl group Wonder Girl, then went on to 4 Minute, and ended up a successful solo artist. You may recognize her from Psy’s Gangnam Style video.

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f(x)– Pretty experimental and I love ’em! I love rap in K-Pop. (pictured: Victoria, Krystal, Luna, and Amber)k-pop playlist

2NE1– Their song I Am the Best, is super popular. You might not even realize you know it. A great addition to your motivational playlist.

k-pop playlist

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