Jean Barker: Stories, Idealism, + South Africa


We’ve been so lucky to discover Emet Comics and get to now some of their creative team and management. Maytal Gilboa, the founder, assembled a team of diverse women that create wonderful visual stories. We recorded four episodes with their team just for International Women’s Month.

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First up is Jean Barker, a writer, director, and generally a storyteller. Zana, her first comic, is about a South Africa where Nelson Mandela has been killed and apartheid lives on. Our review will come soon, don’t wait, get the preview from Emet Comics right now!

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Jean and I talked about Zana, her upbringing in South Africa, her writings, her film work, and humanity in general. You can find the drought piece we discussed here. Her film work is here on Vimeo, where you can find her short film with John Heard, One More Day (10 points if you remember where you know him from).

We also asked Jean Barker our five Common Room questions about pop culture, food, fitness, fashion, and my signature question.

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