January: Grimes + Two Door Cinema Club

Last month Music of the Month had a little break in favour of our Best Music of 2015 post so here’s a selection of songs that came to my attention since then!

two door cinema club grimes

Grimes – Realiti
I could never get into Grimes before and believe me, I tried. I gave Art Angels a listen though (maybe because I really wanted to like Grimes, she’s such a cool person) and here we are, I found this gem. I love everything about it! The rest of Art Angels also agreed with me so now I have finally achieved my goal of getting into Grimes.

Two Door Cinema Club – Next Year (Superpose Remix)
I recently went through a nostalgic phase and put on Two Door‘s whole back catalogue on Spotify. Usually I shy away from remixes because often they change the song in a way I don’t agree with musically yet this time I gave it a try and it was totally worth it. I love this so much as a song in itself more than as a remix. The crazy chopping up of the vocals – awesome.

What Music Have You Discovered Recently?