Announcing International Women’s MONTH!

We’re working on a link up event for March that is really exciting. As March 8th is International Women’s Day, we’re going to spend the best month, March, discussing international women! (Yep originally it was meant to be a week. We changed it!)

International Women's Month

We are trying to make a conscious effort to highlight women who aren’t from America, England, Canada, or Australia. We want to focus on women from cultures that don’t have English as their main language or the American Dream type mentality so that we can learn and, in turn, share it with you.

Feel free to highlight anyone you want when you join us!


March 1-7 will focus on Historical International Women Mulan International Women's MonthHere you can talk about women such as Cleopatra, Joan of Arc, Hua Mulan, or even more recent historical ladies such as Eva Perrone, Mother Teresa, or Marie Curie.

March 8-14 will focus on Creative International WomenMiriam MakebaHere you can talk about the ladies who are filmmakers, artists, actors, musicians, authors, comedians, and more!

March 15-21 will focus on Notable Current International Women Malala YousafzaiSome examples are Malala Yousafzai, the all-female Russian astronaut crew, Olympic athletes, and more!

March 22-31 will be IWM Potpourri Week

Want to write about women related topics and not necessarily international women? Go for it!

Want to write about fictional international women? Do it up! (We actually might record an episode about Sailor Moon!)

Anything that doesn’t fit the categories above, you can post at this time! (We’re making traditional recipes!)

Your Formal Invite!

  • Who: You!
  • What: International Women’s Month, highlighting international women and all women.
  • When: The entire month of March!
  • Where: On your blog, vlog, podcast, and social media accounts.
  • Why: Because we usually only know about our own cultures, let’s get to know something new!
  • How: Use our images, link back to us, or use #IntWomensMonth on social! So everyone knows what’s up.

Can’t wait!

PS. Recognize the silhouette in the first image? Yep, Cleopatra was part of our All the Tales silhouette depicting the evolution of stories. We thought she’d be a good representative to bridge the gap between the two events. :)


  • Aww this sound exciting! I’m not sure I can join, but I’ll be reading you guys for sure :)

    • Thanks!
      Aww man why not?

      • I’m too busy atm, but I’ll try to :)

      • You do you lady.
        It is the entire month of March if you do get a chance. :)

      • I’ll try to make sth ;)